Would you like to teach “Washoku” together?

HAPPY Food Online

・Those who can speak everyday in a foreign language and can teach “Washoku” (those who can also speak Japanese)
Would you like to teach “Washoku” to everyone overseas with us?
You don’t have to be a chef at a restaurant or a worker at a restaurant. You don’t even have to be a famous cook. Please give it a try and let us know what you think “Washoku”.

Japanese housewives, veteran housewives who say they can speak English a little are welcome.

The origin of “Washoku” that HAPPY Food Online thinks is “Home cooking” “Local cuisine”. “Ordinary food” that we usually eat. This is the origin of “Washoku”. If you can introduce it to everyone in the world.

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和食の流儀 -伝統的な技とおもてなしの心-
The Washoku Way -Japan’s Nuanced Approach to Food-

日本食・食文化の世界的普及を図るため、日本食・食文化の魅力を発信する冊子「The Washoku Way -Japan’s Nuanced Approach to Food-」を作成しました